How to Plan Your Dream Vacation in Thassos – Greece

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You want to visit the island of Thassos – Greece and need help planning your perfect vacation/holiday/trip? Look no further, I’m here to help you!

Let’s dive into my personal travel guide where you can find tips & tricks on how to get to Thassos Island, what to do once you are there and where to stay. 

The Beautiful Island of Thassos – Greece

Located in northern Greece, the Island of Thassos (also named the Emerald Isle for its green vegetation) is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and a very popular holiday destination.

Thassos is the northernmost Greek island, located in Kavala Gulf with 8 km separating it from the mainland. The only way to reach it is by ferry boat from Kavala or Keramoti. There is no airport on the island, but there are two airports on the mainland: Kavala International Airport “Alexander the Great” (KVA) – the smaller but the closest one (about 20 minutes drive from the airport to the ferry boat) – and Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” (SKG) – the furthest and the larger one (around two hours drive from the airport to the ferry boat).


Why You Should Visit Thassos

1. For its beautiful landscape

As most Greek islands, Thassos has its share of beautiful sceneries with mountains covered in pine forests that descend directly into the Aegean Sea, sandy beaches and olive plantations.

view Thassos Greece
View from the Island of Thassos Greece

2. For the Greek beaches with green and blue water

As all the Greek islands, Thassos is also surrounded by beaches with sand or gravel and waters in different shades of blue and green. It even has a natural swimming pool in a rock named Giola.

Giola, Thassos - Greece
Giola natural pool, Thassos – Greece

The most beautiful beaches are:

  • Golden Beach – golden sandy beach with lounge chairs and tavernas – is great for families with small children;
  • Paradise Beach – golden sandy beach with turquoise water, lounge chairs, 1 or 2 tavernas – also great for families with small children if you go on the right side of the beach because the left side is frequented by nudists;
  • Marble or Saliara Beach (recently reopened) – white marble gravel with turquoise waters, lounge chairs, beach bars – recommended to couples and young people;
  • Makryammos Beach – sandy beach, lounge chairs, beach bar – also great for families with small children;
  • Aliki Beach – sandy beach, lounge chairs, tavernas – great for families with small children;
Thassos - Greece
One of the most beautiful beaches in Thassos – Aliki Beach
  • Pefkari Beach – sandy and gravel beach, lounge chairs, tavernas, beach bars – great for families with small children;
  • Metalia Beach (near an old iron factory) – sandy beach with clear waters, lounge chairs – great for families with small children;
  • Potos Beach – sandy beach, lounge chairs, tavernas – great for families with small children;
  • Livadi Beach – a secluded sandy and gravel beach, lounge chairs – great for couples and young people;
  • Psili Ammos Beach – sandy beach, lounge chairs, tavernas, beach bar – great for families with small children and young people attracted by the parties organized here.

3. For the amazing Mediterranean food and wine

Thassos is an island full of tavernas that serve fresh seafood and fish, greek salads with housemade olive oil, homemade sweets, lemonade made with fresh lemons and honey, wine. Every tavern offers you freshly baked bread with olive oil or butter and cold water for free; some of them even offer you something sweet, like a small piece of cake, a piece of watermelon or some homemade jam at the end of your meal.

4. For the history of the island

Thassos is full of history and myths.

There are archeological sites attesting to its rich and old history. It seems that there was discovered the tomb of Cassius.

It is also said that Thassos was the island of the mythological Sirens that attracted the sailors with their magical singing and then killed them.

5. For its sights

If sightseeing is your passion, you have so many interesting sights to visit:

  • The Archaeological Museum of Thassos – you can find it in Limenas, the capital of the Island;
  • Polygnotos Vagis Municipal Museum – in Potamia; the museum was established in honor of the great sculptor with the same name;
  • Archangel Michael’s Monastery – 25 km south of Limenas; it was built on a rock at the edge of the sea;
  • The Old Oil Factory, dating from 1915 – in Panagia; is the only working oil factory in Greece that still uses water to produce olive oil.


Where to stay in Thassos – Greece

*We stayed at Arion Hotel, a very beautiful hotel, next to Golden Beach. We had an amazing view of the sea, we caught the sunrise and the full moon one night. They also have some two rooms apartments (more like bungalows) near the hotel where you can enjoy your stay.

*Another great hotel recommended by some friends is Alexandria Golden Boutique Hotel also right next to Golden Beach. This is a luxury hotel, with private beach, spa and wellness center, massage, fitness center, free Wi-Fi, and parking.

dream vacation to Thassos Greece
Dream Vacation to Thassos Greece

If you want to find out more information about this beautiful island, check out Iuliana’s diary post. 

I hope I sparked your curiosity and you will take a chance on the beautiful Island of Thassos – Greece.



49 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Dream Vacation in Thassos – Greece

  1. This is out and out a beach destination. And such a beautiful one. I sure would take out time for Cassius while here, else it is just sun, sand and sea for me

  2. Ooh, this looks so nice and warm. We usually travel to the mountains on our vacations but I would love a nice beachy Mediterranean trip. The pictures are beautiful!

  3. This is wonderful! My boyfriend and I want to go to Greece for our honeymoon and I find this post extremely helpful, so thank you! I’ll save this and I’ll have it in mind for future reference! The pictures are gorgeous by the way. Makes me want to go right now, I don’t want to wait until I get married to visit those amazing places!
    Lia recently posted…Owning a petMy Profile

  4. I travelled to Greece for the first time in November and visited Andros Island for five days, must say that it surpassed all my expectations, especially as it’s not overly commercialised like Santorini and Mykanos. Loved the food too, especailly fava!

    1. Sasha, depends on what you plan to do and how much time you will spend in Greece. You can see the island in like 2-3 days: 1 day for visiting the oil factory and the museums and two days for the tour of the island and to see the most beautiful beaches. If you have more time, you can take a tour of the island by boat and spend more time on the beach, if you are a fan of beaches like me 😉

  5. wow this is beautiful! The pictures are so vivid and bright, it looks like an island in the caribbean! I’ve been to Athens but I definitely need to go back to Greece and visit Thassos

  6. I’ve never visited Greece, but the Island of Thassos looks completely stunning. I can see where it gets its emerald nickname from. I would love to swim in the Giola natural pool, it looks like it could be a great way to cool off from al that Grecian sunshine!

    1. Thank you, Anna! I’m happy you find my tips useful. You should definitely go back to Greece. I’m planning another trip there this year 😉

  7. I have always wanted to visit Greece. Some great tips and I wasn’t so aware of the islands to visit while there. Thank you.

    1. Greece has such beautiful beaches! I don’t know about WOOOF or hostels, but you can find cheap accommodation like apartments or rooms in villas.

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