5 Reasons I love Greece and you should too


Greece is a country full of ancient Greek history, considered the “cradle of Western civilization”. Greek people are friendly, full of life and smiling all the time. It’s surrounded by four seas (Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Cretan Sea) and it’s known for its beautiful beaches with turquoise water, its mountain covered in mixed forests, the array of islands and the endless plantations of olives and vines.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

01. Greece and the ancient Greek history

Greece, also known as the Hellenic Republic or Hellas (in Ancient Greek), is a European country full of rich history and legends.

The earliest traces of Greek population date from the Paleolithic period (around 12.000 – 10.000 B.C.). You can find old manuscripts describing a rich country with flourishing settlements and a developed culture where literature, science, technology, and mathematics reached the highest peak of discoveries.

From that era, we have the Homeric legends and the archaeological sites to testify the greatness of Greece.

02. Greek people

The difference between Greek people and tourists is so great you can’t miss it. While the tourists are always in a hurry to never miss a museum, an archaeological site or a lounge chair on the beach, the locals enjoy their coffee and some ouzo at a local tavern in the morning discussing the weather, politics or culture.

The “siesta” is an old tradition they are still keeping. During this time (between 2:00 and 5:00 PM) the shops are closed and the streets are deserted.

After sunset, the nightlife starts. The taverns and the restaurants are full of noise and Greek music, they talk and laugh, they sing and dance.

The Greeks know how to enjoy life.

03. The best Greek islands

There are around 6,000 Greek Islands and only 270 are inhabited.

The best islands in Greece in 2016, according to Trip Advisor, are:

  1. Santorini – for the views;
  2. Crete – for food and history;
  3. Rhodes – for history and nightlife;
  4. Mykonos – for hotels and nightlife;
  5. Zakynthos – for its beautiful beaches;
  6. Corfu – recommended for families;
  7. Cephalonia – for history, culture, and wine;
  8. Naxos – for ancient ruins and beaches;
  9. Skiathos – pine forests and beaches;
  10. Milos – for beaches and history.

04. Olives and vines in Greece

As far as you look you can see olive plantations. On the mainland and on the islands, everywhere.

Olive oil is a must in Greek cuisine. Mediterranean food is the best with fresh vegetables and greek olive oil.

Kalamata olives are the healthiest olives in the world, rich in monosaturated fats, iron, calcium, vitamin A, and fibers. You can find them only in Greece, in the Peloponnese Peninsula – the Kalamata region.

And the wine… Greek wines are divine, the nectar of Gods.

05. The most beautiful beaches in Greece

  1. Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)
  2. Porto Katsiki (Lefkada)
  3. Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia)
  4. Balos Beach (Crete)
  5. Agios Prokopios Beach (Naxos)

I love Greece! It’s as simple as that. I mean, what’s there not to love about this country?

And here you can find another reason to love Greece.

40 thoughts on “5 Reasons I love Greece and you should too

  1. Very Nice roundup of Greece, I too love Greece, but need to go back and see more of those beautiful beaches! Oh the olives oh the olives they just don’t get any better than from Greece that is for sure! I will have to bookmark your list of beaches for our next visit!

    1. Thank you, Stacey! I’ll be posting more about Greece and its Island because I love this country. Feel free to drop by any time you want more info about Greece.

  2. I have always wanted to go to Greece and this post makes me want to do it sooner!! I love that greeks still take a siesta and that olives are such a hige part of their culture. Also can’t beat the beachss in Santorini. Great tips for when I plan my visit there. Thanks!

  3. Greece is lovely and I really agree with your list of the islands and their highlights. I’d love to visit the shipwreck beach. Lovely pictures too!

  4. 6,000 Greek islands!! I didn’t know they had that many, and 270 inhabited has barely cracked the surface. I learned something new today for sure!

  5. Good to know you love Greece. he he. I like Greece but the only advice I can give to people is, Athens is great to see the ruins then get the heck out of there and go northwards into the mainland or go to the islands as there is sod all there to do. he he. 😀 Agree with some of the beaches, they kick ass.
    Danik recently posted…Provins: A fantastic day trip from ParisMy Profile

  6. I love Greece too! My husband and I went to Santorini last year and we had an amazing time. I want to go back again, and after reading your post, I think I want to go to Crete and Zakynthos next time.

    1. Kristine, you are one of the lucky ones to visit Greece, especially Santorini <3 (it's on my bucket list of Greek Islands, together with Crete and Zakynthos). Zakynthos was supposed to happen this year but, instead, life happened and we didn't make it.

  7. The Greek Islands are beautiful. I have been to 3 of them over the years and I was in Corfu again last year. This year though I am going to head to Athens to see the ruins and history of the country 🙂

  8. Amazing I will definitely come back here whenever I will planning to go Greece !! I like content which you provided. so accurate and straightforward without rambling.Great post.!

  9. Amazing roundup and very accurate, especially your assessment of the islands. And I’ll never eat an olive outside of Greece or the Aegean region of Turkey, nowhere else comes remotely close in quality.

  10. I have been willing to visit Greece since ages but I never had the chance to finally go and explore this amazing country. Now I feel it’s really time to do it, thanks for reminding me how beautiful Greece is.

  11. I have always wanted to go here! And having this list of resources just makes me want to go that much more. Thank you for sharing your insights!

  12. I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Greece, so this was helpful! I think I will check out some of the beaches you listed. I hadn’t really thought about making sure a beach was on my itinerary.

  13. I LOVE Greece! I’ve been to Mykonos, Athens, and Ephesus. I was surprised by how ugly Athens was. But Mykonos was breathtaking, and as a history buff I loved the ruins in Ephesus. The food was delicious too.

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